2010: Take Back America - Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

2010: Take Back America

By Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

  • Release Date: 2010-04-13
  • Genre: Public Administration
Score: 3
From 189 Ratings


As battle lines are drawn for the next midterm elections, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann—authors of the smash #1 New York Times bestseller Catastrophe, as well as bestsellers Fleeced and Outrage—are back with 2010: Take Back America. Fans of Morris’s multiple FOX News appearances will find many of the same conservative rallying cries in this book—health care, Obama’s economic agenda, the looming tax threat to American citizens, and many more.


  • Good luck with that

    By Superdupe
    Take back America?? A catch phrase that doesn't make ANY sense. So when did we loose this country, in the last two years?? So this country was on the right track under Bush?? Good luck...politics is a see-saw game the Dems are in charge and then the Repubs only for the Dems to be in charge again!!
  • 2010:Take Back America

    By MLPO57
    Excellent explanation of how our government has gone wrong and how individuals can set things as the majority of the people want them to be.
  • Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    By JoeTroPhoto
    Yet another sensationalist viewpoint. Just another extremist author pandering to the divisive elements of society. Total rubbish.
  • Very Informative

    By JBKonis
    Lots of useful information, analysis, and data that is not normally presented in a clear understandable way. Shows how truly corrupt our system of Government has become. Book is a good guide for anyone how cares about politics, especially someone who is consIdering running for office.
  • This book is incredible...

    By Cyndee101
    The reason some readers may not like this book is because they are blinded. One cannot argue with facts. We are dealing with a very radical government and we the people need to know what we can do to get America back to what it truly stands for. I've done extensive research on Obama and "his people", Dick Morris is right on! This book tells it like it is and quite honestly, truth and honesty is what we need.
  • Predictably partisan

    By Dickisadick
    Morris panders to the extreme right wingnuts as always. If you are glued to Fox News then this book is for you. If you are capable of rational thought, then this will give you dry heaves.
  • Clarity

    By Santa Cruz RNC
    Dick continues to be voice of clarity during a time when common sense is being denied and rejected by the extreme left (which includes the Obama administration). The further the left pushes toward their idealized future, decoupled from the facts of past and present, the more we need voices like Dick's to keep us anchored to reality.